How do I maintain my beard?

March 29, 2017

This is definitely a subject that could be spoken about in tons of detail, so IL try to make it relevant to my maintenance.
So the common questions​ I get are:
Do you use beard oil?
Do you comb your beard?
And do you blow-dry your beard?
So I will tell in the order i use to leave the house and start the beardiful day 🤣😎
I shower my beard everyday, this is so I know it is fresh, clean and I know I’m starting the day with nothing caught in the beard. I will tend to mix up what I wash the beard in, usually I tend to go for beard specific shampoo but on the odd occasion that has not been available I have used a good quality shampoo and conditioner. Beard shampoo I have found is better for leaving the beard smooth and soft all day. There is definitely a quality difference. After washing the beard I tend to towel Pat my beard down and then blow dry the beard on a cool temperature. Why a cool temperature…Well this is so I don’t damage the beard with extreme heats especially as the beard is alot finer hair.
Do I comb the beard? Of course I do. If I didn’t it is very messy, it looks like bed beard. I usually comb it with oil and whilst cool blow-drying it.
And finally do I use beard oil? Yes I do! But there are so many choose from. I have tried a few different types and they all have different benefits to suit different beards or beard qualities. The advice I would give is try different beard oils until you find the best oil for yourself.
If you have any questions or opinions please message me.
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Is having a beard all it’s cracked up to be?

March 24, 2017

Yes and no… Now let me explain the pros and cons to having a beard. I enjoy having a beard, seeing the way it looks but there are aspects that can annoy and even irritate an me.

One big problem that any bearded individual will tell you is eating!!! 😡 There is always a war with the beard and food, it’s a fight that just can’t be escaped. Many a time I have eyed up a piece of food and developed a strategy just to eat it without getting it all over the beard. Be assured the beard and food are like Velcro or even magnets, they always find each other and can leave you looking​ ridiculous.

Having a beard comes with wierdos… I’m sure you thinking what the heck am I talking about now. Well when I say wierdos I mean people who just want to touch the beard. #awkward People really don’t understand that if I walk up to you and said “nice chin,. Can I touch it?” That is crazy,wierd and just inappropriate. Obviously certain people can touch my beard and that is ok, like family and my girlfriend, but strangers from the street is a big no no from this bearded wonder.
The split!!! Now this is definitely something I suffer with the beard. This is where I may have the beard in the most perfect position, it could be combed, treated, but a gust of wind to the face and it splits the beard in half. This is very annoying, frustrating and silly! I didn’t want the Viking beard style, some people may want this look but it’s not for me. It doesn’t help that in the middle of my beard my hair growth is less, and contributes to the split 😫

And breath…Rant over, I know I’m listing lots of negative points regarding my beard but still I enjoy having a beard.
Crazy as it may seem I’d barely recognize myself without a beard. Being called “the bearded one” or “the guy with the big beard” may annoy others but honestly it’s nice. I enjoy talking about the beard and maintaining the beard. It has strangely become a hobby. From the oil and the combing but I’ll cover this in the next blog.
Thanks again for reading.
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What is the Big SHAVE?

March 21, 2017

The Big SHAVE is what I have nicknamed the fund raising for a wonderful children’s charity, Make a wish foundation. I am supporting the charity by gathering support and donations to shave my beard! The beard is definitely a big part of me and my life now…So all of you can see how committed I am in supporting the make a wish foundation.

If you would like to help support me please head over to:

The Big SHAVE will be videoed and uploaded as soon as the beard is shaved. Please do join me on the big day, April the 26th.

Honestly losing the beard is devastating, however I am will to shave my beard in aid of raising as much as I can. Through the irritations I get having a beard there are so many positives and many memories I will miss. Growing the beard has felt like gaining a new companion. You have to grow, treat and nurture the beard whenever possible. I’m 100% sure this won’t be the last time I am seen having and owning a beard…

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Why did I grow my beloved beard??

March 14, 2017

That’s a very good question, when I first think of the answer there are so many reasons I grew the beard. First of all it was to try something different, a new look even, and maybe a little bit of laziness if I am totally honest.
Before I knew it was at the point most men decide to shave.. the itchy stage of owning a beard. But from here I have to say the beard grew on me. (Excuse the pun) I was enjoying the changing look of having and growing a beard. ( Please don’t accuse me of being vein just yet)
There have been many an occasion I have been asked “why do you have a beard?” Or “when are you going to shave that beard off?”. This honestly just helped me grow the beard and not shave. It was my face but others got irritated and confused, which maybe encouraged me to not go anywhere near a razor!

But the time for their previous question, “when will I shave the beard?” Is soon approaching as I plan to announce the date in the next blog!

Please dig deep for a very hairy cause…


So….The blog begins

March 7, 2017

Wow, I hear you all sigh, another blog…But this is not just another blog. This is my blog, beginning with how I grew the beard, why I grew the beard and continuing to the big SHAVE! 😫

But all for a good cause!

Also I will be blogging on whether I plan to grow back my beard…

I will be posting blogs as regularly as I can especially during the count down to the big SHAVE! So please come share the experience with me and raise money in the process.
Please dig deep for a very hairy cause…
The donations are going to a wonderful children’s charity, ” Make a Wish”. They intend to use the donations to make seriously ill children’s dreams come true.