Beard style choices

October 23, 2017

It has been a while since the last beard blog, honestly time escapes us all! So what has been happening… Well the beard is still growing. (I can hear you all cheer! 📣)
I have been leaving the beard to grow, to gain the beardiful length. But I continue to think about a change of beard style.
There are many beards out there, from moustache, to goatees, stubble and many others.
Recently I have been thinking about trimming the beard and keeping a shorter, tidy beard, although the length is also a beard goal I aim to achieve! Personally I find the beard styles a similar choice to walking into a sweet shop and having to choose only 1 sweet! 🤔😮
I definitely think I will be on the lookout for a beard accessory tool, but which one to choose could take me a while. 😥
Meanwhile since my last blog I have been concentrating on my health and work. I have visited the gym a minimum of 3 times a week and keeping a record of my food. Hopefully I will see the benefits by Christmas. (Don’t want the Christmas Dad bod 😉) So vegetables are a must which is great for the health of the beard. Work has taken its toll on me recently as I have been learning new technologies in the IT space. #alwayslearning
So short blog this time, but I’d love to hear from other bearded individuals. So if you have a beard or if you are growing a beard, please get in touch with me?
Have a great week everyone 🧔

Before the beard vs. after the beard

October 3, 2017

Nearly 3 years ago the beard was born, and I decided to let the beard grow. You may have read the many reasons why I decided to originally grow the beard in my first blog, so…. The blog begins.

What else has happened within the last 3 years? Where do I begin, there are many things from multiple holidays to the obvious birthdays and massively the big shave. Although the big shave is not the most ideal situation, it is a very proud moment for me. I’m very happy to have raised over £600 for the make a wish foundation , to bring happiness to someone! Just over 2 years ago my girlfriend and I got together for our first date, and up until the big shave she had never seen me without a big bushy beard. This made my big shave ever so daunting and nerve-racking for me! But she was very calm and supportive. To be truthful she was the one to support me and push me into starting this blog and promoting my beardiful adventures. (That’s enough soppy for now)
Throughout this time I also have undergone jaw surgery to align my teeth correctly. This was a wierd and crazy experience that has gone extremely well. My teeth feel alot better in their alignment. But the surgery did take it’s toll, with my body losing energy for over 6 weeks after. I won’t bore you with all details but the most perculiar part was going on a full liquid diet whilst the nerves we’re repairing.

Although the past few years have been crazy I have not spent it without the beard, whether that be frozen up a ski slope or absorbing vitamin D on a beach. The beard will have many more happy adventures.

Post holiday beard maintenance

September 20, 2017

Many different beard blogs or beard enthusiastics will tell you, “You need beard shampoo, beard oil, beard Wax , a beard brush and many other beardy items!” These are all very helpful towards the maintenance of beards, but I find all of this can come down to personal preference.

Over the past few weeks, especially since returning from a relaxing holiday, I have personally been getting back to normality but attempting to focus on myself, with work, gym health and other bits too. Don’t worry the beard has not been left out!

I believe we can always benefit to try something new, so I have been using beard shampoo and honestly I can say, I have seen a difference in the texture and appearance! Originally I was sceptical and reserved thinking it could be another product to just sell (to bearded people). I found my beard gaining a nice smell, and definitely having a softer, smoother feel to it. ( Always a bonus for people that play or stroke their beard throughout the day) Before the beard shampoo, the beard was getting a wire feel to it, very similar to when you leave the swimming pool with clorine in your hair.

Shampooing my beard is not the only new thing, I have to admit before these 2 weeks I was forgetting to apply beard oil on a daily basis. I have remembered to apply it for the last two weeks, along with a good brush and it has made a difference. I’m aiming to continue shampooing and applying beard oil regularly.
So that’s enough from me this week, but I’d like to hear how you maintenance your beard and of there any tricks or tips you have found out. Please comment or message me. My email is now up, Twitter is active and obviously Instagram will continue to post pictures.




The beard returns…

September 4, 2017

Hello everyone! I have not posted a blog for almost 2 months now, which has made me quite sad. Unfortunately whilst the beard has been shorter, I have been waiting some good growth before writing my latest blog.
Well, what has the beard been doing to grow, I hear you all ask? Being summer I have made full advantage of the sun and tried to get as much vitamin D as possible! I have recently returned back From an extremely hot Rhodes, where the beard was tanning, relaxing and soaking up that lovely sun for most off each day!
Healthy living was unfortunately out the window, which definitely didn’t help my beard get the nutrition for growth and care but I was on holiday. 😁😎 As I am sure everyone is now doing, it’s back to the diet and trying to get to the gym. (Pass me the glass of motivation, I can do this!)
Okay so is there anything new with the beard? Honestly, no! To be honest, I have used less beard oil and beard shampoo giving it a much rougher look over the holiday, but it definitely is in need of some good TLC now. All I can report is it has been rather strange and different letting the beard grow with no trimming since the big shave! It can appear a bit haywire from time to time!
So what are my beard plans as we approach autumn?
I am still planning to get the beard longer, I am not aiming for as long as it once achieved, but slightly more than currently sitting on my face. Once the beard is longer, I will look to groom it thoroughly to achieve the best look, via shaving and care treatments.
Please read my next blog which will be a lot sooner!
Have a beardiful day everyone!


A month has passed…

May 31, 2017

So as the title says, a month has passed since the big shave. Unfortunately I haven’t written a blog recently as having no beard, felt rather unnatural. But the beard is back in full growth mode and on the return. I want to thank everyone who donated to my make a wish fundraising from last month to shave off the beard and support a wonderful cause.

So as you will have seen, the beard is back! Woo finally! ( I heard you all cheer in excitement!)
I am very keen to see how quickly the beard, will grow this time around and to see the progress I will make. I can definitely say it has been different and I have not felt myself without the beard and seeing more of my clean shaven face. ( I hadn’t seen in over 2 years!) 😮😱
So as I’m in full beard update mode, il inform you that I am in the irritating itchy stage! I don’t recall the itchy being this annoying, but don’t worry this will not bother me. 👍 It is irritating but I am sure it will pass in a few days or even a week.

Now the hair is finally back in the face from this week I will be looking at different beard oils and which ones to buy. If I find any really good ones, I’m sure I will recommend them.
It is definitely onwards and upwards for the beard growth 😁


Life with out the beard …

May 9, 2017

So how is life without the beard, is a common question I get asked. Do I prefer having a beard? Do I like being clean shaven? Wow you look so young! Wow I can see your face. “You look about 12!” The list goes on for the many comments I have had in the past 2 weeks. The change obviously has effected more people than just me.

Being shaved was definitely something I wasn’t prepared for. Yes I raised the charity alot of money, but I believe I focused my attention on raising money rather than losing my beloved beard. As soon as the beard was off, it felt as if I had parted ways with my best friend. It was sad to feel my chin rather than a handful of hair. 😫
I catch myself still double taking in the mirror expecting to see the beard staring back at me. Even friends and colleagues are still double taking, checking if it me before engaging into a conversation with me.

Slowly I have bern getting​ used to my face shape again. My beard, was hiding the whole bottom half of my face, so much so I nearly forgot where my own chin was! 😂 Then again it maybe me getting excited that the stubble has started to grow, which means only one thing…the beard is on it way back!

Overall i am very proud to have raised so much money for the ‘make a wish’ charity. I’m very grateful to anyone who has supported the beard shave, but now my attention has changed all to the growth of the beard!


Goodbye and farewell beard!

April 26, 2017

So the day has finally come to shave my beard. I am writing this blog just hours before the BIG SHAVE, and boy do I feel nervous. I know most people wouldn’t understand the attachment I have to my beard but believe me I will be devastated to lose it.
I enjoyed many moments with the beard, caused many a debate with people about my beard and beards in general. I enjoy many people talking about me as the bearded one, the homeless one, the hipster, the beast, the one with a neck warmer and many other bearded references.
I am very proud to be doing this shave towards a wonderful children’s charity and reading their stories makes this all worthwhile. If you haven’t seen the charity I am supporting please head over to

At present i currently sit at 70% of my target and hope to achieve the full amount.
If any of you are curious there will be updates of the shave etc on my Instagram account. LOOKOUT for a before and after shot of my beard! @roddersbeardblog
I will still be posting updates on beard growth and any advice I find along the way. So the beard blog will continue! Hooray, I hear you all cry!
So with a final blog whilst having a beard, I beard you a farewell and see you on the hairless side.
Goodbye​ beard. It’s been nice knowing you!


The nerves have definitely kicked in…

April 21, 2017

What am I nervous about with just 5 days before the beard is shaved? Well I’m nervous to find out how I will look.. will people recognize me? Or will everyone just walk past me? I’m sure I’ll get the jokes at work, “who’s the new guy?” And “is your chin cold?” But that’s not going to bother me much. I’m just nervous of the big change, I am indeed very attached to the beard. I will feel as if I am losing a friend or even a part of me. I’m definitely nervous and apprehensive to find out how I will look clean shaven! It has been over 2 years since I have last seen my chin… Aaaa! And breath deep, it’s all aid of “make a wish foundation.”

Am I going to grow the beard back?
This has definitely been something I have been thinking about and toying with different ideas of what to do. And I have decided the beard will return! The aim is to just grow it as rapidly as I can, this will mean a very messy outragous beard as it starts to grow again! This will be very different to the approach i am used to, growth for a few weeks and then a good trim and shape to maintain the beards good form. So we can all look forward to a new beard, but how long it will go, what will i do with it… That is still to be decided. But keep reading my blogs to find out more. These blogs will definitely keep coming 😁

What’s my favorite thing about the beard?
Hmm this is tough, but I’d definitely say my favourite thing is the beard has become a common accessory to my face. It has become part of me, where I go we go. (Obvious I know) The beard first of all gave me a different look, and I really enjoyed that! Vein or not, I have enjoyed sporting a beard and maintaining it to this point! 😁

And I know I have mentioned it before but just to remind you all, I am shaving the beard on the 26th April 2017 to raise support and funds for Make a wish foundation! They support young children towards making their dreams come true. Please read their website to find different stories about what the charity has done recently.

So overall i am very apprehensive but very happy to be supporting a good cause!

Please check out the giving page and my Instagram too.


What do others think of my beard?

April 18, 2017

For this blog I thought I’d write about something slightly different, Getting other people’s opinions from family, friends and even the girlfriend.
So let’s start with what does my daughter think about the beard! “I thinks it’s cute.” (I’m sure she’s after something and trying to make it into my good books) she then said she liked my face with or without a beard. She later informed me that all of her classmates are aware her Daddy has a beard. (Of course this made me smile)

Now what does the girlfriend think of the beard? Someone who never liked beards to begin with, have I changed her mind or am I one of a kind? (Beard wise of course 😉)
…. “Before, looking at beards I’d ask isn’t it better to be clean shaven? How long are they trying to make their beard? And then I met you! Firstly without the beard and I felt you didn’t have anything distinctive and lacked in confidence. And as the beard grew, the confidence grew with the beard! Now you lift you head up, tall and proud. I feel this is because of your beard, either it has given you confidence or you are avoiding it getting caught in your clothes. It has become a statement! Whether you are in casual clothes or suited and booted for date night, the beard can carry itself off!”
What do my friends think of the beard?
Well it’s always a talking point whenever we get together. We constantly compare if they have grown a beard, but in admiration of my beard. (Said proudly of course) We discuss the length, then reminisce my growth and the journey the beard has undertaken! They do love a good beard stroke, and that is definitely a term of beard endearment in my group of friends!
And finally what do my family think of my lucious beard? Definitely when the beard was starting out they made jokes, “when are you going to shave that mess?” And asked me if I’m not earning enough to buy a razor. But now it has definitely changed to a part of me. They have officially accepted the beard and it’s attachment to my face 😀 Now they see the fear I have to shave the beard and lose my chin warmer.

Overall i feel it’s beardiful to see that family friends, girlfriend and anyone I meet have definitely changed their opinions for the better about beards. I’ve seen it start out as a joke and now become something to be proud of. To know people admire the beard and encourage others to grow a beard is a wonderful feeling.

As always please remember I am Shaving my beard in aid of a charity I really believe is doing great things. If you can donate anything that’s wonderful, please head over to and check out my Instagram @roddersbeardblog

Thanks​ for reading!

Eating with a beard

April 11, 2017

As you may have expected eating and drinking with a beard can be difficult. Even to this day…. As much as I hate to admit!

Every bearded man should have a well groomed and maintained beard, it should be manly but not hanging on to left over food. We need to stay brushed, bushy and as clean as possible.

It’s always embarrassing to have someone tell you, “there’s something in your beard!” Along with usually someone pointing at your now ruined beard. 😒

So usually I tend to have obtained a different strategy dependant upon the food I am eating. Should it be spaghetti, I have smaller amounts usually with a spoon. Or cereal, usually I make sure there is less milk on the spoon as to avoid spilling down myself or the beard. Nothing worse than a beard all prepared for the day ahead and a dribble of milk is sitting there.

Not only is it food to be aware of it is liquid sprawled down the beard ready to drip at any given moment. To avoid this it requires a vast amount of concentration when drinking. I usually tend to open for a bottle to sip from or a straw. These are usually a safe option but not mandatory 😉

My advice to fellow bearded wonders, there are many tools that can assist you.
For drinking opt for coffee lids & cups and any other drinks I go for straws. Straws are a safe way to get liquid safely past that bushy beard and groomed mustache.
For eating I opt for teaspoons, their easier to handle and more precise to get past the bushy beard. Also forks and knives became my best friends to make my bitesizes smaller, minimising bearded disasters or devistations. And my ultimate favourite is the handkerchief, this is a very gentleman accessory to keep. It is helpful to wipe spills, should this be required. Sometimes a damp cloth is a better solution for those messier disasters.

As always please remember to donate to my beard shaving charity, & check out my Instagram for daily uploads. @roddersbeardblog